Sara Diani

Medical Doctor, Researcher, Lecturer

Classical Homeopath, Expert in Integrated Medicine, Psychotherapist in training

Multidisciplinary research in Medicine, Teaching

Consultancy to companies and research groups in Systemic and Complementary Medicine

My philosophy

In clinical practice I merge participatory listening for the patient and the use of
latest medical, scientific and philosophical knowledge.

I have developed a new approach that combines the most recent discoveries relating to complex systems,
modern physics and philosophy to propose a medicine that is
rational, logical and individualized for each patient.

I am working on multiple multidisciplinary research projects, ranging from modern science and physics, to psychology, philosophy of medicine and consciousness. The underlying common thread is the need to explain and describe in a multi-focused way what our organism is and how it works.

I published the book: "Coherent Medicine - Systemic models for a more effective, humane, individualized medicine" and several scientific articles.

A new vision of medicine, a new therapeutic approach. A surgical and passionate investigation of the wonder called Life, a heartfelt appeal for the construction of a holistic and multidisciplinary medical science that is able to offer effective, targeted and individualized responses. 

A complex, fascinating and surprising book that investigates the mystery of life and sings its beauty. A work that marks a watershed in the Philosophy of Medicine, destined to be talked about for a long time, inside and outside the academic world.

Last posts


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  • Here we are, after more than two months of absence, writing again about this distressing situation due to the new coronavirus. Coronavirus that has granted us a partial truce, at least in the severity and in the proportion between asymptomatic cases and serious cases. Let's get straight to the data: the positives......

  • Good morning everyone, here we are with the update, two weeks after the last post. There is finally good and widespread news, at least from a medical/health point of view. Let's start with a global look: cases are still increasing, but the contagion curves are becoming increasingly linear. This means......

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