Who I am

Dr. Sara Diani

I am a Medical Doctor, currently working as a medical consultant in the pharma industry. As a clinician I work in Mantua as a Classical Homeopath, Expert in Integrated Medicine and Psychotherapist in training. I am also a researcher and a lecturer.

In clinical practice I merge participatory listening for the patient and the use of the latest medical, scientific and philosophical knowledge.

I worked in Italy and Germany for four years in neurological, orthopaedic, post-surgical and rheumatological rehabilitation. By treating complex clinical cases I began to understand the evolution of our system over time, depending on the different types of pathologies. My approach has always been to connect practical and clinical observation to obtain logical explanation for what we observe in patients.


I have a particular interest in the holistic and interdisciplinary approach to medicine, and in particular I have deepened classical homeopathy. I studied it in Italy for 6 years with Dr. Benedetti, and after passing the final exam I obtained the international diploma in July 2015 from Prof. Vithoulkas' courses in Greece. In 2014 I started working in Germany to learn more about integrative medicine; I worked for two years in inpatient setting, treating chronic orthopedic pathologies through conventional and integrative medicine, also dealing with osteology and pain therapy.


I am developing a new approach that combines new discoveries related to complex systems, modern physics and philosophy to develop a rational, logical and individualized medicine for each patient.

In fact, to understand the nature of diseases, I believe we need a new complex and inclusive approach, using and unifying different disciplines. In this way we can manage to treat pathologies, especially chronic ones, in a more orderly, coherent and efficient way.


I published the book: "Coherent Medicine - Systemic models for a more effective, humane, individualized medicine" and several scientific articles.

I like to dream big and would like to contribute to radically evolving the medical-scientific paradigm, which is why I deal with general principles which can then be declined/derived/applied in particular cases.


I dream a medicine that is fairer and more respectful of Life, which I love and try to honor with my work and beyond.

I could summarize all my work in two words, namely "Deep Ecology". Everything is interconnected, intelligent, capable of understanding and responding. Nature, the Life we embody is our precious guide.


In this my main teacher is Leonardo, an absolute genius able to observe and learn from the secrets of Nature with infinite humility and curiosity.


I am a lecturer on these topics at the Jean Monnet European University of Padua, where I hold lessons during the three-year specialization course in Music Therapy. I deal with clinical observation and constructivism, complex systemic vision in music therapy, neuroplasticity and music, clinical research in the healthcare sector.

I am also a teacher at the International Academy of Psychophony EssereVoce in Mantua. My lessons focus on the audiovocal system, complexity and voice, neuroplasticity and voice.