In the medical and scientific fields, I carry out consultancy for companies and research groups in Systemic, Network and Complementary Medicine that deal with radical innovation and digitalization in medicine. 

My areas of intervention are: Systemic/network medicine, Phytotherapy, Nutrition, Functional disorders and chronic diseases, Autoimmune diseases, Homeopathy, Mental health, Philosophy and physics applied to medicine, Information science, AI for health, processes of digitalization in medicine.

In Rehabilitation, I have dealt with stroke, post-operative rehabilitation, TBI, pain management, complex patient management, serious rare diseases, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis.

I am an X-shaped learner, accustomed to the complexity and interlaced nature of phenomena and ecosystems; I move at the interface between empathy, intuition and logic.

My services

  • In-depth understanding of business needs and processes to develop the best strategy and project, with a combination of abstraction, creativity and pragmatic mentality.
  • Acquisition of specific scientific knowledge, followed by a holistic synthesis to create a completely new approach.
  • Medical, scientific and philosophical consultancy in various broad sectors.
  • Design and management of clinical trials.
  • Medical and scientific Writing and publication.
  • Internal and external training.
  • AI applied to medicine, training and development of diagnostic or predictive algorithms from a medical point of view.


Always fascinated by radical and exponential "Bold" innovation, I took contact with various realities in the technological, medical and scientific fields.

Since October 2019 I have been a medical-scientific consultant and trainer for Aboca S.p.A in the field of systemic and network medicine.

Since January 2023 I have been an Apoteca Natura trainer in the systemic and personal care fields.

I worked with

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