I deal with multidisciplinary research in Medicine, aimed at the development of systemic or network medicine (Network Medicine).

I apply philosophy, physics, psychology and immunology to medicine, to make it on the one hand more logical, more rational, and on the other more scientific, more measurable and more precise.

I have built several models, some I have published and disseminated in my book "Coherent Medicine - Systemic models for a more effective, humane, individualized medicine", and others in scientific journals.

In fact, to understand the nature of diseases, I believe we need a new complex and inclusive approach, using and unifying different disciplines. In this way we can manage to treat pathologies, especially chronic ones, in a more orderly and efficient way.

The underlying common thread is the need to explain and describe in a multi-focused way what our organism is and how it works.

I deeply love Life and Beauty, to find and explore them I dedicate myself to researching their most subtle processes. I strongly believe in the truest and most intense multi-disciplinary collaboration, which allows us to overcome many barriers and approach different topics with an open mind. Furthermore, finding the more or less hidden connections between the multiple phenomena and the different disciplines allows us to synthesize and advance in a much more rapid and radical way.

I am a lecturer on these topics at the Jean Monnet European University of Padua, where I hold lessons during the three-year specialization course in Music Therapy. I deal with clinical observation and constructivism, complex systemic vision in music therapy, neuroplasticity and music, clinical research in the healthcare sector.

I am also a teacher at the International Academy of Psychophony EssereVoce in Mantua. My lessons focus on the audiovocal system, complexity and voice, neuroplasticity and voice.

My interests/Research Projects

  • Complex systems, Systems Biology and Network Medicine, physical and mathematical models in Medicine.
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to medicine, Mind-Body problem, philosophy of consciousness.
  • Systemic and Integrated Medicine – Rationalization of the various conventional and non-conventional disciplines.
  • Systemic reactions to environmental and internal information, physics of information.
  • Persistent infections in chronic diseases and pathological networks; activation of the immune system and its systemic consequences.
  • Neuroplasticity, especially in the rehabilitation of central and peripheral neurological damage.

My services

  • Creation of ad hoc theoretical and practical solutions, radical innovation in all sectors that require a complex and multidisciplinary approach.
  • Medical Writing, editing of scientific articles and scientific presentations in medicine and related disciplines.
  • Literature review and bibliographic research in the medical/biological field.
  • University and specialized training related to the research areas I deal with.
  • Dissemination and talks at conferences.

To start a new research project with me


I graduated in the pre-appeal of June 2010 so I could create and write my first theoretical model in August. It was a model that combined physics, information and medicine. It was the forerunner of the theory which I then published in January 2020, after many modifications and improvements that are still going on. 

I continued to do clinical research in rehabilitation and theoretical research in the multidisciplinary field, as soon as I had the opportunity, taking advantage of every free moment from clinical activity. 

In 2016, I began writing the book "Coherent Medicine - Systemic models for a more effective, humane, individualized medicine" which contains the theoretical references of innovative medicine that I then use in practice. I have published 7 scientific articles and given talks at conferences and congresses. 

In 2019 I collaborated with the Science of Consciousness Research Group of the University of Padua. We have dealt with the critical analysis of the dominant models in Biology, Biomedicine, Psychology, Pharmacology for the formulation of new models and paradigms. 

I currently carry out and continue my activity as a freelance researcher, collaborating on projects similar to mine and developing my theories in an increasingly practical way.

I am a lecturer at the Jean Monnet European University of Padua and at the International Academy of Psychophony EssereVoce in Mantua.

My publications

  • May 2020: Diani S. The Coronavirus Pandemic – a Systemic overview (doi: 10.20944/preprints202011.0542.v1)
  • January 2020: Diani S. From the Quantum to The Macroscopic Level – the journey of information through our Complex System. Preprints 2020, 2020010092 (doi: 10.20944/preprints202001.0092.v2)
  • January 2020: Diani S, Lombardo C. The paradigm-shift towards the next generation of drugs – Preprints 2020, 2020010040 doi: 10.20944/preprints202001.0040.v1.
  • December 2018: Diani S. Are Diseases the Best Possible Response of the Complex Living System to Stimuli? International Journal of History and Philosophy of Medicine 2018; 8: 10802.
  • April 2018: Diani S. A new model for chronic diseases – Journal of Medical Hypotheses 2018 Apr; 30–39.
  • November 2017: Libro: “Medicina coerente – Modelli sistemici per una medicina più efficace, umana, individualizzata”. Diani S., Createspace.
  • 2011: Fusaro I, Orsini S, Diani S, Saffioti G, Zaccarelli L, Galletti S. Functional results in calcific tendinitis of the shoulder treated with rehabilitation after ultrasonic-guided approach – Musculoskeletal Surgery 2011 Jul;95 Suppl 1:S31-6.

My presentations

  • January 2019: Invited Talk: “Sistemi Complessi – Introduzione alla visione sistemica” – Gruppo di ricerca Science of Consciousness Research Group. Dipartimento di Psicologia dello Sviluppo e dei processi di Socializzazione (DPSS) dell’Università degli Studi di Padova, Italia
  • November 2018: Invited Talk: “Medicina Coerente: dall’essenza della vita alla ricerca di frontiera” – Congresso nazionale AMeC “La fisica quantistica comunica con la medicina e le scienze umanistiche – Rigorosità scientifica e libera scelta: convivenza possibile?”, 17-18 novembre 2018, Trieste.
  • September 2018: Invited Talk: “Medicina Coerente: le basi concettuali della medicina rigenerativa” – Congresso regionale SIMCRI “Medicina Rigenerativa come recupero del danno tissutale”, 7-8 settembre 2018, Mantova.
  • May 2015: Invited Talk: “Complex systems and clinical medicine: do they have fitting points?” – IAS Research, Centre for Research on Life, Mind and Society. Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science – University of the Basque Country, San Sebastián, Spain.
  • 2011: Poster: “The amputee in intensive rehabilitation: retrospective-observational study”, Italian Congress of physical and rehabilitation medicine, Riccione, Italy. 
  • 2011: Poster: “Verification of the reliability/repeatability for the clinical application of a protocol for multisegmental foot kinematics in adult subjects”, Bologna, Italy. 

I worked with

  • Jean Monnet European University, Padua, Italy
  • International Academy of Psychophony EssereVoce
  • University of Padua, Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialization Processes (DPSS)
  • University of Bologna, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine